Occasionally we’ll have a client who is interested in matching pieces to complement the style specifically made for them or their scheme.

So if it’s in our power, we’re here to help.

As an example, let’s say you happen to send us a canvas coffee bean bag from Rwanda? Now, your idea is to have us integrate it into a tabletop. Alright, first we’ll just have to order some African coffee beans and get to work (See the green Rwandan coffee bean table pic)

Another example, let’s say you’re crazy about reclaimed wood (Hi Franciska) and possession of two french embroidered ottomans (Known as Poufs) and will be needing a stable surface fabricated in order to set a drink down: a coffee table of sorts. Well sure, we can fix that. (See the French pouf pic)

At Killer Kitchen we think it’s a good idea not to not leave clients who were gracious enough to work with us in need of matching options.