Welcome Wood lovers. Often when we think if repurposed products, we think of being “green” sustainable or maybe even a frugal option? Those are positive thoughts, however, less so where wood is concerned. When you are choosing reclaimed wood products as an option, the two things to think of are simply: Extreme beauty and character.

Reclaimed timber requires large scale disassembly, transportation and when it is located (which also requires time) it will surely need substantial wood work to make a 70 year old barn wall into a stunning dining room table and we love being a part of the woods next adventure.

We ask our clients, PLEASE Be leary and careful of 500.00 reclaimed dining tables (created with $43.00 in wood) which could be worthless in a few months. Many builders which can be found on craigslist, etsy or even ebay could be selling regular old lumber from the hardware store which is new (Green Wood) and wet inside which will randomly ruin in moderate climate change. We assure you all our reclaimed timber is true, usually from out of state repurposed from old dilapidated barns and structures and aged to be set. At Killer Kitchen We pay extra for these types of supplies to deliver you the strongest products.

The best chef is only as good as their ingredients.