As you look through this gallery, you’ll find a few of these pieces are similar to our islands with regards to the tops (which can be used on ant flat surface piece) Standard table height is 30 inches. There is no standard length and width. The choice is yours and often contingent on: how you plan to use it, the space allocated for the piece and number of guests to be seated.

A larger growing number of clients are ordering what we call here in house “a dining block” (taken from the word butcher block) though unlike an island, this piece offers no storage below and dedicated dining table seating, while created at 36 inches tall for stools. Both a trendy and versatile look especially in newer or open “great rooms” replacing the classic dining room set up.

Now we are not dismissing contemporary dining tables as we love those too and create a great many, in a variety of looks and materials.

Contact us with any questions, always glad to help.